How to study without distraction👍

Imp- please don’t comment on my english grammar I am working on it.

This post is meant to help all those padhaku’s who suffer from the problem of distraction .Most of the people complain that whenever they try to study and start putting their effort to study harder they got stuck and get distracted by the things around them . I am not going to talk in the bookish language which you generally read in various blogs , I am going to tell the thing which no body is going to tell you , these are the secret which only few know and today you are going to become the part of that few people.  

The various things which generally distract you ~

  • Mobile phones
  • Facebook
  • Watsapp
  • Friend
  • Family members
  • Wrong thoughts 😉
  • Television
  • Games 
  • Moh maya.😆

The very first thing that you have to do is to find the thing which distract you itna to kari sakti ho😐, then start cursing it , not in the bad manner , in the good way. 

Second close your eyes 😑, now think why you started , what are your goal think what you going to get if you are going to isolate yourself for the couple of hours , think about how proud your parents are going to feel when they listen gou topped the class, think how much special attention you will get ones you f***ked up marks .

Aunties are going to talk about you  they are going to give your example to their children , sharma ji ke bete ko dekho IIT me top kiya hai aur ek too din bhar .


Chapter 2: Setting UP-Domain & Hosting

In this chapter I will teach you all how to set up Domain name and Hosting.

So get ready to start


Step 1:

There are many websites from where you can buy domain name, but in this tutorial I am using the most trusted one, Godaddy .

So, just open the Goddady or any other domain registrars and register the unique name for your website.

  • search the name you like and register it:capture
  • select the extension you like,k
  • now you need the host, just search the google and you will find any reliable host provider but you should select one which give you the facility of WordPress, because it is the only thing which we are discussing throughout this tuto.

Blogging: Introduction

Before starting up with WordPress, you all needed to be aware of the Terms and various Definitions involved in this era of website development. Look, If you really wanna make your name in this arena you needed to be a est in this field and to be best in this field you needed to be completely trained and to be completely trained you needed to be aware of various contents and terms.


What is blogging?

“Blog” is the short form of the term “Weblog”. It is the term used for a website which involve an ongoing chronicles of information.

What is a Blogger?


“Blogger” is a term used for a person who writes the blogs, these people are completely responsible for all the activities involved on blog.

Things: Which Blogger need to know.

  1. Archives: A lot of blogs feature an archive based on dates (like a monthly or yearly archive). The front page of a blog may feature a calendar of dates linked to daily archives. Archives can also be based on categories featuring all the articles related to a specific category.

  2. Feeds: A Feed is a function of special software that allows “Feedreaders” to access a site automatically looking for new content and then post updates about that new content to another site.


WordPress_Best CMS.

Most of the people’s in today’s world want to make their own website,but for most of them it’s it difficult task but it’s not that much difficult as much it looks to you .

You can even make your own website on your own, Ya! you hear right , you can do it. It doesn’t require much effort tho.

In this tutorial I am teaching you how to do this stuff, without coding , I am not gonna use a single line of code during this journey, so just start.

Course content:



How to prepare for Fiitjee Addmission Test?


Most of you must be preparing for any coaching entrance exams , if yes then this post is for you .

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind is that they want students who are hardworking and motivated to get the rank in IITjee or any other examination.

The most popular among all coaching is Forum for IITJEE( Fiitjee), it has the record of highest numbers of selection in IITjee.

To get addmission in these coachings , you need to give entrance test , which are always above your level. They even provide 100% scholarship .

To get that you need to top their tests.

So today’s post is for those who don’t know how to prepare for these examinations.

Important: the books which I am referring were refer by Fiitjee FTRE Air 1 and also by Air 7.



  • Physics: Trishna’s IIT jee foundation physics class 10th.
  • Chemistry: Trishna’s IIT jee foundation chemistry class 10th.
  • Maths: RD sharma class 10th.
  • Mental Ability(IQ) : Arihant – How to crack TEST OF REASONING.

Lastly , no exam can be cleared without hardwork.

How to become Nerd👓?

Important: please don’t judge me , on the basis of my English grammar and spellings , I am working on it.

How to become nerd?

This post is for all those people who wanna look , feel and pretend to be a nerd.

What is nerd?

A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.


 one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits .

*Asaan bhasa me bole to , vo banda jo aap jaise normal logon ke liye abnormal hai, isme se ek banda main bhi hoon🐷.

So , now you are well aware with this word nerd*bhoolna mat 🐴. There is one another word which somewhat mean same like Nerd i.e Geek , when we use this word we generally talking about a person who is devoted to computers, but we can also use this word in the place of Nerd.

So, what people think nerds look like 

But, it’s not true folk . They also look like this

Above picture is of most famous nerd in the world.

Being a nerd , doesn’t mean you need to wear glasses👓, one usually personify, the nerds wearing Horn rimmed glasses, but all nerds don’t wear glasses , I don’t wear glasses many of the nerds I am aware of don’t wear glasses. So , wearing glasses doesn’t make you a nerd.

Traits of nerds:

  • 1- They are Hardworking guys.
  • 2-They  are generally Introvert* I am the most Introvert guy in this whole Universe.👀
  • 3-They love computers, Science.
  • 4-Most of them like solving problems.
  • 5-They don’t talk much.

*Asaan bhasa main bolu to , tumhari aukat ke bahar😝.

But dont be upset , if you don’t have these traits, then also you can become the nerd , just follow what I say.

  1.   Start reading a lot.
  2. Start wearing glasses, but it’s not necessary as I already said most nerd don’t wear glasses, and if you are going to buy one for you , try to buy a HornRimmed glasses.
  3. Try to comb your hair , like your mother wants*chipku bal, no spikes:o
  4. Start wearing clothes with geeky prints.
  5. Don’t take bath, be quite smelly.
  6. Be weird.
  7. Start working harder on your passion .
  8. Love what you do.
  9. Be Introvert.
  10. Respect your elders, and score good in exams.


Look, all these characteristics are of nerds , but it must be sounding weird to you and you must be thinking *kya bak raha hai😬.

But , it’s true , most of the nerds have these characteristics, not all but most the above mentioned.

Finally, You can’t pretend to be a nerd because it’s quite a bit difficult to follow the above mentioned requirements, but man ,if you wanna become nerd you need them .I must be sounding weird to you , but listen folk today Nerds are the most successful people’s on this planet , I don’t know about other planet, because I have never been there:), but if I talk about Earth this blue world is full of the weird people and these people are the people who really changed the world, from Edison to Bill Gates , examples are many ,but most importantly where you stand matters. You have power to change the world and do something for what world reminds you off. But , most of the people waste their life doing material pleasure, they never understand that how important they are for this planet. God has given you life , so share with others , love others and do something which could make your parents proud.

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Maths Phobia:'( how to overcome?

Important: please don’t judge me on my english grammar and spellings.

Many of you must be suffering from maths phobia bhai tabhi to padh rahe ho zahir si bat hai😆, for most of the people maths is something which they can’t achieve , they got bored listening the name of this subject, and think maths lagane wale doosre gole(planet) se hain 👽👾.

But in reality the people who are good at math is from the same planet they just work harder then you , they just stick with the problem more then you, they don’t love math , they feel math , they aren’t born as mathematician they became mathematician , they burn the mid night oil, as Thomas Edison has said “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

Listen folks 

Einstein had also one’s learn ABCD like all of us , he is known to many today not because he was extraordinary , he was ordinary person who worked and did hard work extra.

Btein bahut hogayi , maths hai hindi nahi jo rata mar loon, chalo ye sab to ho gayi general bat , now coming to the main point,

 How to overcome maths phobia?

The only answer , and only way to overcome is to sit at the table open your book and start solving everything you have with you.

Listen folks: 

The main problem you generally suffers from is the tension , confusion and lack of devotion.

These problem can only be overcomed through continuous practise  , listen to me you can do it because god has given you everything you have eyes , you have ears , you have legs , you have mind , thank god because most of the people don’t have these things , even then they manage to achieve more then you , god has made them physically disabled but these things doesn’t matter if there is true dedication towards your goal then nothing matters.

 Listen, if you are weak at some type of problem , solve those problems from diffrent books, if math doesn’t excites you then you have develop the way to excitement , because nobody else is going to do the problems for you , most importantly develop the habit of sticking with the problem till it solved *fevicol laga ke seat pe baitho😹 . You may be thinking*kehna asan hai karna mushkil💩. You know maths is the only subject in which you can score full marks . Try to relate maths with your real life try search maths in everything , try to feel the beauty of maths*bahut bakwas ho gayii😠.  Everybody know that *ghanta maths ko life se relate karoge💃. But it’s possible everything is possible, your mind is limitless , you can do anything in this world you can be a scientist or stockers👼, even you can be a businessman or babysitter💆, you can be a barber😝, choice is yours *abhi maths padhlo warna puri life , baith ke moh maya ke chakar mein alpha, beta , gama katna:o samajh me aya to rakh lo , warna aage badha do 🙄

So, don’t waste time , time is precious , time never comes , time can destroy big empires, as it does in the case of Ozymandias. You must be in vanity that you are smart , good looking but think *who care about handsome Rikshawala’s. “Bhai kitna smart Rikshawala’s tha😅. Wanna become Rikshawala’s then, you don’t need to work hard , start doing some exercise so that your legs become powerful ,bro, study hard there is cut throat competition out there , you are just the drop in the ocean ,not even the drop tho, it’s never too late:).

How Toppers study?😱

Important: Please dont judge me on my English grammar and spellings😛

images (3).jpg

This question is the most common question asked from the people generally , because in today’s world people are more anxious to win a race.

bhai suna to hoga hi na , life is a race agar tez nai bhago ge then you will be the broken unda(Egg).

Now coming to the question , how many of you think that you can do hardwork more then your class topper 😞 kya hua nikal padiii💩💩. The main problem: the main problem with 95% of the indian teenagers is that they think , they cant beat the topper , bhai kar sakte ho aukat ke andar hai💪. 

You must be thinking what a nonsense I am talking , but listen to me for a second

Difference between *ordinary and *extraordinary is just that *extra.

You can do it,
just burn your ass.

You can do anything in this world , just the thing that you have to do is to close your eyes👀 *Itna to kari sakte ho ,ki ye bhi mai hi karu.

Now relax yourself *so mat jana 

Ask from yourself , what you are doing aren’t you wasting your life, aren’t you playing with your life , aren’t you killing the dream of your parents who love you more then anybody in this world.

Secondly, ask yourself for what you will be remembered for, do you want your name to print in holdings, do you want your name in newspapers, do you want your name in news channel.

Do you want ,that people should read your biography.

Do you want people to search you on google. Then listen if you wanted all this you have to do hardwork , more then anybody in this whole universe , it should be incomparable with anybody out there.

Take life seriously, because if you aren’t going to take it seriously life will not take you seriously.

You dont have to fight the battle with any country or person, you have to fight with yourself, you have to believe that you can do anything.


be phenomenal


be forgetten

Choice is yours👈

Nobody can make you topper it is you who make you topper , toppers aren’t born they are created.

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or haan ye to banta hai👏👏👏👏👏

Bullying-commonly happen with NERDS🙍

Important: please don’t judge me on my english grammar.

In today’s world the most common problem with indian padhaku’s (Nerd) is Bullying . In india bullying is most widespread problem. We need to take step against this problem , as it not only make the victim sad but also as in many cases leads to sucide.

Ladies and gentlemen , I am Animesh Singh – Google Certified Web Ranger, for information of those who didn’t know what Web Ranger mean, it’s just like a police officer who capture the criminal and stop and maintains the law and order . Like police officer web ranger stop the crime over the Internet and make the people aware about about it.

Every nerd or geek one’s in a lifetime got bullied in the school or office , weather it’s Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

Elon musk (founder of Tesla,SpaceX and Hyperloop) was bullied a lot in his school days . 

Why people like bullying the people?

This question has many answers but the most common amongst them , I am going to state here, people generally like bullying the nerds who are devoted to some work, and don’t like to talk much.
These people like to make fun of them , they sometimes basically insult them , mentally harassed them, beats them. Jo log khud ko tees mar khan samajhte hai vahi ye kam karte hai , they don’t know that most of the successful people in today’s world are belong to the categories of nerd and geeks, reason behind their success is that nerds are focused , hardworking, can sacrifice moh maya(material pleasure) , the only thing they don’t like to do or are not good at doing is sports. Yes, I am right they don’t like to play , they are more dedicated at studying their intresting subjects.

How to fight with tees mar Khan’s (A person who bully ) ?

 The shortcut is to just avoid them , I will advice all the padhaku’s to avoid them because these are the people who are competent to do what you can do , they are the people who are not competent to achieve what you can achieve, they can’t even competent to put perseverance more then you👈.

If they don’t stop after ignoring- take step, tell everything to your parent , itna to kari sakte ho✊,   if you aren’t able to do this ……….follow me geek ………….

Take paper📔

Take pen:idea:

Use your vocabulary📚 write everything , they did with you , from slap to fall from abuse to absurdness , everything man everything . 

If you are not capable to do all this ,then tell me send me email, along with person name, your name his email if you know, his Facebook ID if you know , along with story (What he did with you) and I will help you .🙋