How to study without distraction👍

Imp- please don’t comment on my english grammar I am working on it.

This post is meant to help all those padhaku’s who suffer from the problem of distraction .Most of the people complain that whenever they try to study and start putting their effort to study harder they got stuck and get distracted by the things around them . I am not going to talk in the bookish language which you generally read in various blogs , I am going to tell the thing which no body is going to tell you , these are the secret which only few know and today you are going to become the part of that few people.  

The various things which generally distract you ~

  • Mobile phones
  • Facebook
  • Watsapp
  • Friend
  • Family members
  • Wrong thoughts 😉
  • Television
  • Games 
  • Moh maya.😆

The very first thing that you have to do is to find the thing which distract you itna to kari sakti ho😐, then start cursing it , not in the bad manner , in the good way. 

Second close your eyes 😑, now think why you started , what are your goal think what you going to get if you are going to isolate yourself for the couple of hours , think about how proud your parents are going to feel when they listen gou topped the class, think how much special attention you will get ones you f***ked up marks .

Aunties are going to talk about you  they are going to give your example to their children , sharma ji ke bete ko dekho IIT me top kiya hai aur ek too din bhar .



I am Animesh Singh 15+ self proclaimed geek , I have a good command over website development and hacking, in my free time I used to blog and create videos , I am currently preparing for IITJEE.

6 thoughts on “How to study without distraction👍

      1. Don’t worry it would improve, people on are also too week in grammar, they are just learning basically so don’t worry it would improve with times and posts you wrire.
        Let me know when you are interested in joining 😀


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