Bullying-commonly happen with NERDS🙍

Important: please don’t judge me on my english grammar.

In today’s world the most common problem with indian padhaku’s (Nerd) is Bullying . In india bullying is most widespread problem. We need to take step against this problem , as it not only make the victim sad but also as in many cases leads to sucide.

Ladies and gentlemen , I am Animesh Singh – Google Certified Web Ranger, for information of those who didn’t know what Web Ranger mean, it’s just like a police officer who capture the criminal and stop and maintains the law and order . Like police officer web ranger stop the crime over the Internet and make the people aware about about it.

Every nerd or geek one’s in a lifetime got bullied in the school or office , weather it’s Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

Elon musk (founder of Tesla,SpaceX and Hyperloop) was bullied a lot in his school days . 

Why people like bullying the people?

This question has many answers but the most common amongst them , I am going to state here, people generally like bullying the nerds who are devoted to some work, and don’t like to talk much.
These people like to make fun of them , they sometimes basically insult them , mentally harassed them, beats them. Jo log khud ko tees mar khan samajhte hai vahi ye kam karte hai , they don’t know that most of the successful people in today’s world are belong to the categories of nerd and geeks, reason behind their success is that nerds are focused , hardworking, can sacrifice moh maya(material pleasure) , the only thing they don’t like to do or are not good at doing is sports. Yes, I am right they don’t like to play , they are more dedicated at studying their intresting subjects.

How to fight with tees mar Khan’s (A person who bully ) ?

 The shortcut is to just avoid them , I will advice all the padhaku’s to avoid them because these are the people who are competent to do what you can do , they are the people who are not competent to achieve what you can achieve, they can’t even competent to put perseverance more then you👈.

If they don’t stop after ignoring- take step, tell everything to your parent , itna to kari sakte ho✊,   if you aren’t able to do this ……….follow me geek ………….

Take paper📔

Take pen:idea:

Use your vocabulary📚 write everything , they did with you , from slap to fall from abuse to absurdness , everything man everything . 

If you are not capable to do all this ,then tell me send me email, along with person name, your name his email if you know, his Facebook ID if you know , along with story (What he did with you) and I will help you .🙋



I am Animesh Singh 15+ self proclaimed geek , I have a good command over website development and hacking, in my free time I used to blog and create videos , I am currently preparing for IITJEE.

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