How Toppers study?😱

Important: Please dont judge me on my English grammar and spellings😛

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This question is the most common question asked from the people generally , because in today’s world people are more anxious to win a race.

bhai suna to hoga hi na , life is a race agar tez nai bhago ge then you will be the broken unda(Egg).

Now coming to the question , how many of you think that you can do hardwork more then your class topper 😞 kya hua nikal padiii💩💩. The main problem: the main problem with 95% of the indian teenagers is that they think , they cant beat the topper , bhai kar sakte ho aukat ke andar hai💪. 

You must be thinking what a nonsense I am talking , but listen to me for a second

Difference between *ordinary and *extraordinary is just that *extra.

You can do it,
just burn your ass.

You can do anything in this world , just the thing that you have to do is to close your eyes👀 *Itna to kari sakte ho ,ki ye bhi mai hi karu.

Now relax yourself *so mat jana 

Ask from yourself , what you are doing aren’t you wasting your life, aren’t you playing with your life , aren’t you killing the dream of your parents who love you more then anybody in this world.

Secondly, ask yourself for what you will be remembered for, do you want your name to print in holdings, do you want your name in newspapers, do you want your name in news channel.

Do you want ,that people should read your biography.

Do you want people to search you on google. Then listen if you wanted all this you have to do hardwork , more then anybody in this whole universe , it should be incomparable with anybody out there.

Take life seriously, because if you aren’t going to take it seriously life will not take you seriously.

You dont have to fight the battle with any country or person, you have to fight with yourself, you have to believe that you can do anything.


be phenomenal


be forgetten

Choice is yours👈

Nobody can make you topper it is you who make you topper , toppers aren’t born they are created.

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or haan ye to banta hai👏👏👏👏👏



I am Animesh Singh 15+ self proclaimed geek , I have a good command over website development and hacking, in my free time I used to blog and create videos , I am currently preparing for IITJEE.

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