Maths Phobia:'( how to overcome?

Important: please don’t judge me on my english grammar and spellings.

Many of you must be suffering from maths phobia bhai tabhi to padh rahe ho zahir si bat hai😆, for most of the people maths is something which they can’t achieve , they got bored listening the name of this subject, and think maths lagane wale doosre gole(planet) se hain 👽👾.

But in reality the people who are good at math is from the same planet they just work harder then you , they just stick with the problem more then you, they don’t love math , they feel math , they aren’t born as mathematician they became mathematician , they burn the mid night oil, as Thomas Edison has said “genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.

Listen folks 

Einstein had also one’s learn ABCD like all of us , he is known to many today not because he was extraordinary , he was ordinary person who worked and did hard work extra.

Btein bahut hogayi , maths hai hindi nahi jo rata mar loon, chalo ye sab to ho gayi general bat , now coming to the main point,

 How to overcome maths phobia?

The only answer , and only way to overcome is to sit at the table open your book and start solving everything you have with you.

Listen folks: 

The main problem you generally suffers from is the tension , confusion and lack of devotion.

These problem can only be overcomed through continuous practise  , listen to me you can do it because god has given you everything you have eyes , you have ears , you have legs , you have mind , thank god because most of the people don’t have these things , even then they manage to achieve more then you , god has made them physically disabled but these things doesn’t matter if there is true dedication towards your goal then nothing matters.

 Listen, if you are weak at some type of problem , solve those problems from diffrent books, if math doesn’t excites you then you have develop the way to excitement , because nobody else is going to do the problems for you , most importantly develop the habit of sticking with the problem till it solved *fevicol laga ke seat pe baitho😹 . You may be thinking*kehna asan hai karna mushkil💩. You know maths is the only subject in which you can score full marks . Try to relate maths with your real life try search maths in everything , try to feel the beauty of maths*bahut bakwas ho gayii😠.  Everybody know that *ghanta maths ko life se relate karoge💃. But it’s possible everything is possible, your mind is limitless , you can do anything in this world you can be a scientist or stockers👼, even you can be a businessman or babysitter💆, you can be a barber😝, choice is yours *abhi maths padhlo warna puri life , baith ke moh maya ke chakar mein alpha, beta , gama katna:o samajh me aya to rakh lo , warna aage badha do 🙄

So, don’t waste time , time is precious , time never comes , time can destroy big empires, as it does in the case of Ozymandias. You must be in vanity that you are smart , good looking but think *who care about handsome Rikshawala’s. “Bhai kitna smart Rikshawala’s tha😅. Wanna become Rikshawala’s then, you don’t need to work hard , start doing some exercise so that your legs become powerful ,bro, study hard there is cut throat competition out there , you are just the drop in the ocean ,not even the drop tho, it’s never too late:).



I am Animesh Singh 15+ self proclaimed geek , I have a good command over website development and hacking, in my free time I used to blog and create videos , I am currently preparing for IITJEE.

3 thoughts on “Maths Phobia:'( how to overcome?

  1. Content is very humourously and beautifully crafted.
    You said “Wanna become Rikshawala’s then, you don’t need to work hard”, but brother in this whole world Rikshawala is one of those who do hard work. But they don’t succeed, because it lacks smart work.
    You could had mentioned, “Abhi mehnat nhi kiya to baad mein karna parega, par Rikshawala ban kar ke.” 🙂


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