How to become Nerd👓?

Important: please don’t judge me , on the basis of my English grammar and spellings , I am working on it.

How to become nerd?

This post is for all those people who wanna look , feel and pretend to be a nerd.

What is nerd?

A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.


 one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits .

*Asaan bhasa me bole to , vo banda jo aap jaise normal logon ke liye abnormal hai, isme se ek banda main bhi hoon🐷.

So , now you are well aware with this word nerd*bhoolna mat 🐴. There is one another word which somewhat mean same like Nerd i.e Geek , when we use this word we generally talking about a person who is devoted to computers, but we can also use this word in the place of Nerd.

So, what people think nerds look like 

But, it’s not true folk . They also look like this

Above picture is of most famous nerd in the world.

Being a nerd , doesn’t mean you need to wear glasses👓, one usually personify, the nerds wearing Horn rimmed glasses, but all nerds don’t wear glasses , I don’t wear glasses many of the nerds I am aware of don’t wear glasses. So , wearing glasses doesn’t make you a nerd.

Traits of nerds:

  • 1- They are Hardworking guys.
  • 2-They  are generally Introvert* I am the most Introvert guy in this whole Universe.👀
  • 3-They love computers, Science.
  • 4-Most of them like solving problems.
  • 5-They don’t talk much.

*Asaan bhasa main bolu to , tumhari aukat ke bahar😝.

But dont be upset , if you don’t have these traits, then also you can become the nerd , just follow what I say.

  1.   Start reading a lot.
  2. Start wearing glasses, but it’s not necessary as I already said most nerd don’t wear glasses, and if you are going to buy one for you , try to buy a HornRimmed glasses.
  3. Try to comb your hair , like your mother wants*chipku bal, no spikes:o
  4. Start wearing clothes with geeky prints.
  5. Don’t take bath, be quite smelly.
  6. Be weird.
  7. Start working harder on your passion .
  8. Love what you do.
  9. Be Introvert.
  10. Respect your elders, and score good in exams.


Look, all these characteristics are of nerds , but it must be sounding weird to you and you must be thinking *kya bak raha hai😬.

But , it’s true , most of the nerds have these characteristics, not all but most the above mentioned.

Finally, You can’t pretend to be a nerd because it’s quite a bit difficult to follow the above mentioned requirements, but man ,if you wanna become nerd you need them .I must be sounding weird to you , but listen folk today Nerds are the most successful people’s on this planet , I don’t know about other planet, because I have never been there:), but if I talk about Earth this blue world is full of the weird people and these people are the people who really changed the world, from Edison to Bill Gates , examples are many ,but most importantly where you stand matters. You have power to change the world and do something for what world reminds you off. But , most of the people waste their life doing material pleasure, they never understand that how important they are for this planet. God has given you life , so share with others , love others and do something which could make your parents proud.

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I am Animesh Singh 15+ self proclaimed geek , I have a good command over website development and hacking, in my free time I used to blog and create videos , I am currently preparing for IITJEE.

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